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Hello! Welcome to Gooey Gracious Me. We are two sisters in-law (Shweta and Krupali) raised in Britain, who enjoy cooking and baking. Being second generation Brit-Asians, we aim to share our love for Indian vegetarian food as well as the diverse cuisine London has to offer. We are Gujarati’s but our fathers have been raised in Sudan and Kenya. Hence, our recipes will include dishes from Gujarat, but also touch base on cuisines from the African continent.

This blog not only depicts the homemade meals we’ve been brought up to enjoy, but also our journey in trying to recreate dishes we like to eat outside in restaurants.

Eating eggless meals is a part of our culture, but sometimes it’s difficult to find eggless treats you can enjoy, even in London. With veganism becoming popular, thankfully this has now become easier. We hope you can satisfy those sweet tooth cravings with our eggless delights and we will also share vegan friendly alternatives.

We also specialise in bespoke baked orders designed to suit your requirements for all your events so feel free to contact us for further information.

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